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Free Adventure Friday: How To Slay Your Dragon

All who have attempted to slay Kugraslax the white dragon have failed. But it is said that amongst her hoard is a potent weapon that could be her final undoing— a magical spear carved from the femur of her mother. If you can sneak into her lair undetected, you may end up in possession of a powerful weapon, as well as mounds of gold.

This is a stand-alone adventure intended for you to work into your campaign if you are experiencing writer's block or if your players go somewhere unexpected. Feel free change names and other details around to best suit your world. This adventure works best as a stand-alone quest, so that players know that there is an alternative to rushing in to fight the dragon.

This adventure is designed for three or more level 12 characters. Creatures from the Monster Manual (abbreviated MM) are used. Many of these creatures are listed in a range of numbers. Use the largest number for groups of five or more players, the smallest number for groups of three players, and the average for groups of four.

Random Encounters

Two optional “random encounters” have been included for the adventure. You may ignore these, throw one in should the game start to slow too much, or check with a d20 roll at the specified intervals.

Frequency Chance of Encounter

Every 10 minutes 1-2

During a short rest 1-10

During a long rest 1-20

On an EVEN result...

A yeti (MM pg. 305) hunter leads 4-6 trained polar bears (MM pg. 334) through the tunnels of Kugraslax's lair, looking for intruders (see areas 3 and 4).

On an ODD result...

3-5 kobolds (MM pg. 195) have sneaked into the lair proper and are exploring the lair (see area 1). Though they are also trespassing, they worship Kugraslax and will do anything to help her. Each kobold carries 1d10 cp.

Kugraslax's Lair

The dragon makes her home atop a nearby mountain, where it is cold enough that the ground is always covered in snow and ice. A jagged opening in a cliff face grants access to the icy caverns of Kugraslax. Though the interior is made of stone, all surfaces are covered in ice and snow. All areas of the lair count as difficult terrain to all creatures other than the white dragon, yetis, and polar bears. None of the interior areas are lit.

1. Kobold Village

A handful of igloos have been constructed by a small band of kobolds, who have come to Kugraslax's lair to bask in her glory. She finds the pitiful creatures a nuisance and does not allow them entry into her cave except to be devoured— seen as a great honor by the kobolds.

6-10 kobolds (MM pg. 195) are present at any given time. They are fanatical in their devotion to the dragon, willing to risk their lives as the first line of defense. Should they feel that visitors are dangerous, several of the kobolds will run inside to warn Kugraslax. Each kobold carries 1d10 cp.

2. Kugraslax's Hoard

The tunnel slopes downward into an enormous cavern that serves as the main chamber of Kugraslax. Its ceiling is 60 feet above the ground, criss crossed by two natural stone bridges (see area 5). The floor and walls of the lower portion glitter with treasure when struck by light.

Kugraslax is an adult white dragon (MM pg. 101) and spends most of her time sleeping. She is accompanied by 1-3 yeti (MM pg. 305) servants (see area 3), who also act as bodyguards if needed. Kugraslax has a passive perception of 16 even when sleeping and may detect intruders walking above her.

The room contains 22,000 gp, 1,900 pp, and 13 star sapphires each worth 1,000 gp. All of this treasure is firmly encased in ice.

3. Yeti Quarters

Kugraslax has enslaved a small tribe of yeti, who now serve her out of fear. She finds them much more capable than the kobolds. 5-7 yeti (MM pg. 305) are resting in this chamber, spread with furs and trophies of the yetis's happier times.

4. Polar Bear Kennel

The yetis keep several polar bears as trained pets, but they are currently out on patrol and not here, though droppings and smell should make it apparent that some large mammals are kept here. Hidden in a pile of snow is a Quaal's bird token (Dungeon Master's Guide pg. 188).

5. Icy Bridges

The two bridges that span Kugraslax's main chamber are dangerous to cross. A sleeping dragon can be seen directly below. She keeps the ice on them extra smooth as a security measure and any creature that crosses must succeed on a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw or fall. The first bridge is 20 feet high, the second 40. Characters must avoid detection by the dragon.

6. Ramp

This sloping tunnel connects the two areas of the lair.

7. Hall of Trophies

Several creatures Kugraslax has defeated have been preserved in blocks of ice and placed among these tunnels so that she can reminisce on her victories. They include the former yeti chief, a frost giant, and a young remorhaz. Roll at least once for random encounters if the party explores this area.

8. Ymra a-Zhâd

At the end of this tunnel is another trophy, a female dwarf warrior frozen inside another block of ice. She was once called Ymra a-Zhâd and came here on an unsuccessful quest to kill the dragon. Her eyes seem to glow with faint light and follow movement in the chamber. This is because after her death, Ymra's spirit returned to her body as a revenant (MM pg. 259). If freed from the ice, she will seek revenge against Kugraslax, disintegrating into dust if the dragon is slain.

9. Chamber of the Spear

A wall of ice blocks entry to this cavern (see MM pg. 103). If the party uses a noisy way to destroy the ice, it will almost certainly awaken the dragon below.

Beyond the wall of ice lies the Blizzardbane Spear. It is one solid piece of carved dragon bone the color of ivory. The head of the spear has been made in the image of a dragon's skull, inscribed with runes.

Blizzardbane Spear

Weapon (spear), very rare (requires attunement)

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon.

When you hit a dragon with this weapon, the dragon takes an extra 3d6 piercing damage. For the purpose of this weapon, "dragon" refers to any creature with the dragon type, including dragon turtles and wyverns.

You have resistance to cold damage.

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