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Free Adventure Friday: Kobold Surprise

For this week's Free Adventure Friday, I wanted to do a pretty standard first level dungeon with a twist. By the end of this session, your party will have over 350 thousand gold pieces worth of treasure. Now that's a dragon heist.

Now some may say it's a bit excessive. Even I have trouble believing that's the recommended coinage listed in the Dungeon Master's Guide for a CR17 lair. The point of this is now you can base an entire arc of your campaign on what to do with all this cash. Will the party donate a portion, or even all of it to the nearby village? What happens when word gets out that a group of nobodies have more money than they can defend? How about the friends and relatives of the party that actually killed the dragon, or the dragon's mate?

This works best in settings with low/medium levels of magic. If vorpal swords and suits of +5 plate mail are available off the rack, this amount of money could definitely make it difficult to balance encounters. If not, what exactly is the party going to do with unlimited funds? Something interesting I bet.

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