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Free Adventure Friday: Island of the Beastmen

This is my full write-up for the adventure I discussed creating on Wednesday. There are no maps provided for this adventure, as most of the encounters will take place either in the open wilderness, or in a single large cavern.

Island of the Beastmen

This adventure is designed for a group of four level two characters. For smaller or larger groups, add or subtract creatures as needed. Creatures from the Monster Manual are used.

In the previous adventure, the party was kidnapped by pirates who were planning to sell them as slaves to someone out on a small island. Following a storm, the group has ended up safely at this island, but the remaining pirates say they need a couple days of repairs before they can leave.

The pirates don’t know much about the denizens of the island, other than they are led by someone named Dr. Cadogan. They expect that some of Dr. Cadogan’s men will come to pick up their “cargo.”

Prisoner Pickup

A raft with 3 guards and their boss (a human who fights with the statistics of a bugbear) have come to bring slaves to Dr. Cadogan’s lab. They will make sure that anyone who comes with them are disarmed and placed into cages before taking them back upriver. They will fight if necessary, although try and take the party back alive.

Goblin Trap

There is a guard with their face covered with a hood hanging from a tree on the river’s bank. Member’s of Cadogan’s forces will want to investigate it if they pass it traveling back up the river. Anyone succeeding on a DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check while approaching can tell that the guard is dead. If they get 20 or higher, they also notice the pit trap underneath. Anyone approaching unaware must make a DC 15 Dex save or fall prone into a pit containing a swarm of poisonous snakes.

Goblin Ambush

There’s a group of 5 goblins who patrol the island trying to ambush the humans. They hate doctor Cadogan for disrupting life in the forest. Should the party demonstrate that they are on their side, they will offer to take them back to their cave.

Goblin Lair

There are an additional 3 goblins dwelling in a large cave, along with their pet giant spider who lives in the ceiling. There is a spider altar in the cave, piled with two dozen assorted gems worth a total of 620 gp.

The goblins will pressure the group into engaging in a drinking contest with them. All participants take turns drinking. Each time someone drinks, they must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or be removed from the game and suffer the poisoned condition. The DC for the first drink is 5, but increases by 5 for every subsequent drink. The goblins have advantage on these saving throws, as do dwarves and anyone else with advantage on saving throws against poison.

Beastmen Attack

A group from the lab will come looking for the group, either at the goblin cave or in the forest. There are 3 beastmen with the statistics of zombies, as well as one dwarf lieutenant who also fights with the statistics of a bugbear. The beastmen have a horrific appearance, clearly made from humanoids who have been stitched together with the skin, claws, and musculature of several beasts.

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